Journey Introduction

Journey Introduction

Just as ships at sea were guided by lights on the shore, you as a believer in Jesus Christ will be guided by God’s Holy Spirit into a deeper relationship with God.  Through this deeper relationship you will spend the rest of your earthly life getting to know God.

As you get to know Him you will begin to desire to live pleasing to Him – this is not something that you will have to force.  You will be able to trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance into the matters that matter most to Him!

There are five things that are essential to your knowing God more:

1. You must have assurance of your salvation, that which was discussed on the first YouCanKnowGod page.  The first article under journey essentials lists several Bible verses that can help you rest in the fact that God saved you because you believe in Jesus.  You can be sure!

2.  When Jesus was asked what was the most important commandment He responded saying, in essence, love God with all your heart, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.  This is the ultimate goal of getting to know God. So be sure to read the article on “The Greatest Commandment.”

3.  Just before Jesus returned to heaven, after His resurrection, He left behind instructions for His followers – You! These instructions are often referred to as the “Great Commission.”  Be sure to check out this article about your assigned task.  And don’t worry He does most of the work.

4.  God’s Word, the Bible, escapes description because there is no other book like it.  It was given to us by God so we could know Him and His desires for us as believers.  It’s critical to our growth that we spend time reading, thinking about and talking with God about His Word.  The article about resources for your journey will help you get started having a regular time with God around His Word.

5.  Prayer is simply talking to God as if He is your best friend – because He now is!  And just like a conversation with any of your friends it’s more than just talking.  It’s about talking to God and listening also.  This article on prayer will help you understand how much God wants to have a constant dialogue with you.

The Journey Essentials section of this site provides articles on the above subjects.  The Your Journey Begins section contains other articles that will help you find God’s guidance.